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System Requirements:
IBM PC or compatible
MS-DOS version 3.31 or higher

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Levinson Lyon ™
CharterHouse Software Corporation

It gives you all the features you need to meet your toughest accounting challenges.  This is genuinely Fortune 500 accounting power at a mass market price!

Levinson Lyon is a key analytical tool for any business.  Whatever your company, it will give you better information and tighter control.

This hot accounting package -- originally sold to Fortune 500 companies for thousands of dollars -- tracks an unlimited number of customers, inventory items, vendors, general ledger accounts, and other complex transactions.  And since it supports Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows, or other compatible networks, it's ideal for creating a multi-user or multi-company environment.

Perfect Business Forms:

When you are ready to print checks, invoices, statements and other business forms, you'll be able to order forms that match our software perfectly at most competitive prices.

Simple commands, cleanly organized screen formats, "help windows" --plus-- a full service support hot line.  That's what we mean by "easy to use"!

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