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  • Prints invoices, reduces inventory, posts to customer ledger and accumulates sales analysis in one step.

  • Generates a gross profit analysis for any invoice, any salesperson, any territory, or any customer.

  • Detailed inventory sales history by item (20 character ID) or customer.

  • Adds new customers in invoice entry -- on the fly.

  • Displays stock on hand, on order and committed during invoice entry.

  • Displays open items during payment posting.

  • Automatic bank deposit slip when posting payments.

  • Tracks customer credit-in-use and average days to pay.

  • Customer credit status and aging window in invoice entry.

  • Customer ledger card with detailed history.

  • Supports partial deposits and payments.

  • Allows flexible aging and payments terms.

  • Automatically calculates discounts and finance charges.

  • Revenue distribution by line item.

  • Unlimited sales tax rates, automatically calculated and reported.

  • Tracks customer receipts, credit status and deposits.

  • Prints daily and monthly sales journals.

  • Prints credit memos and customer statements.

  • Values inventory by LIFO or FIFO -- with unlimited layers -- or by average cost.

  • Maintains reorder points and quantities.

  • Prints inventory lists, physical inventory worksheets, reorder and valuation reports.

  • Automatic price change on multiple items by percent.

  • 12 prices per item with flexible pricing rules.

  • Supports multiple ship-to locations.

  • Allows flexible commissions (net, gross profit, by salesman/item/category).