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Checking data files

CHKCSAM. Say "Check SEE Sam".

CharterHouse and Levinson Lyon software includes a utility that runs from DOS that can be used to verify the index records in one or more data files.  Although it may be more efficient to just reindex, the program CHKCSAM can determine if reindexing is necessary or if restoration of a backup is the wiser choice.

To run CHKCSAM, go to the Master Menu.  "Z out" as follows:
Type the letter <Z> into the PLEASE ENTER YOUR SELECTION prompt and press <Enter>.  In the ENTER PROGRAM TO RUN field, type <!> (the exclamation point) and press <Enter>.  You will exit to a DOS prompt.  (This is also referred to as "shelling out".  I like to call it Zing <grin>.)

If your data is not on a network, you should then run CHKDSK.  CHKDSK will complain if errors are found.  If errors are found, they MUST be corrected before you can continue!  Some versions of DOS recommend that SCANDISK be run instead.  There is not enough memory available to run SCANDISK when you have "Z'd out" from Master Menu.  If you wish to run SCANDISK, you must first exit from our program.

After verifying the integrity of the drive, run CHKCSAM.  Since the data files are in a subdirectory with the same name as your Company ID, in order to run CHKCSAM you must specify the Company ID so CHKCSAM knows where the files to check are.  For example, if your Company ID is DEMO and you wish to check all the Accounts Payable files, type:
               CHKCSAM DEMO *.AP | MORE
                          (this is a shifted backslash, called "pipe")
and press <Enter>.  Follow the prompts to proceed.  You can check all files with:
               CHKCSAM DEMO *.* | MORE
                (Asterisk is a wildcard, meaning "all file extensions")
Depending on the result, you might then decide to reindex or restore a backup.  If every file reports OK, then reindexing will not be beneficial.  Please note that neither CHKCSAM nor REINDEX will necessarily find or remove corruption in the data.

To return to the Master Menu, type EXIT and press <Enter>.

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