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Export your data or create your own reports

  • Analyzes and manipulates Levinson Lyon data.

  • Transfers data to popular spreadsheets and word processors.

  • Supports custom reports.

  • Formats reports on display or printer.

  • Allows definition of reports with multiple-level subtotal breaks and grand totals.

  • Prints or displays XY graphs and histograms with a specified number of bars, legend and titles.

  • Selectively transfers information into Lotus and Multiplan worksheets, DIF and ASCII files.

  • Performs an unlimited number of math operations per procedure.

  • Adds, Subtracts, multiplies, and divides with 20 digit precision for all calculations.

  • Selects, sorts, displays, graphs and transfers results.

  • Supports scaling of the result field, including rounding or truncating.

  • Use comparison operators: equal, not equal, less, greater, less or equal;, greater or equal, range, multiple values.

  • Makes numeric, character and data comparisons.

  • Combines unlimited levels of selections conditions with AND and OR.

  • Performs wildcard selections.

  • Allows sequence by number, character or date.

  • Sorts fields in ascending or descending order.

  • Uses an unlimited number of sort criteria.