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  • "Ready to use" -- Single command installation with pre-initialized data files; including a "customizable" chart of accounts.

  • Checklist style menus guide you through all operations.

  • Full screen data entry with minimized keyboard commands.

  • Context sensitive help keys displays specific instructions about the current task.

  • B+Tree Advanced File Management techniques provide quick access to data, avoid processing delays, and expand files automatically as needed.

  • Unlimited number of customers, inventory items, vendors, general ledger accounts and detailed transactions.

  • Multi-company, multi-user.  Supports Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows and other compatible LANs.

  • "Window" look-up of customer, inventory and vendor information from anywhere in the system.

  • Includes "Jumpstart" Manual to let you use the software immediately.

  • Comprehensive reports provide complete "audit trails" for all transactions and can be printed, displayed on a screen, or stored in a file on disk.

  • Passwords allow multiple levels of security, with full or limited access to different functions.

  • E-Notes let you attach special notes to records in major files (customers, inventory, vendors, journal entries, employees).

  • PrintView lets you scroll viewed reports vertically (up or down) and horizontally (left or right) on the screen with ease.

  • Windows Integration Kit exploits Windows Multitasking; its like having two (or more) computers in one.