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Thousands of satisfied clients since 1978 recommend CharterHouse IT products and services. Our products include CharterHouse-developed and “best-of-breed” in the storage, networking and accounting areas.  Our services include consulting, programming, wireless, video and complete installation and support.

CharterHouse Software Corporation
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Specialty Manufacturing Accounting Software

Food Safety (Lot Control, Ingredients Traceability)
Engineered to meet the needs of food processors
Tamlin Software

Food Manufacturing Conductor ™ (Food MC) is Tamlin's proprietary production floor control system designed for small to mid-size food manufacturers.  Food MC was designed on the production floor by people who know manufacturing. Its simplified and easy to use interface keeps your people productive while getting you the information you need to realize your production goals.  Food MC exceeds the U.S. government's traceability requirements as stated in the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.

Read more about it in Tamlin MC - Cradle to Grave (4 page PDF).

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