Please ignore any reference to a telephone number or address for CharterHouse.  Instead, contact Tamlin Software Developers

CharterHouse does not support Windows NT Server.
We strongly recommend that you use NetWare 4.2 or 5.1.

Windows 2000 Server does work with CharterHouse.  However, record is locked messages are not displayed, so users wait without knowing why, then get "dumped" from the program that attempted the lock.

Windows NT Workstation does not contain enough DOS support, so some of the functions in CharterHouse fail to work.  If these missing functions are not important to you, then you should be able to successfully run the basic accounting package (AR, AP and GL).  However, as with NT Server, Workstation is not a supported environment.

For Windows 2000 prior to Service Pack 2, there is insufficient DOS support for certain functions in CharterHouse.  Install the most recent Service Pack!

Windows 2000 Professional ("workstation") is not recommended, in part due to bugs in its DOS program display.  No matter what settings are used in the PROPERTIES of the shortcut, the program starts with a half-height ("scrunched") screen.  Once started, if the properties have been correctly set up, holding <ALT> and hitting <ENTER> will generate a normal full-screen display. Note: All known problems except Backup and Restore have been fixed by Service Pack 2.  Windows 2000 is now the preferred version.

The proper settings in the shortcut are:
Shortcut tab: RUN: MAXIMIZED
Font tab:   12 x 16 or 10 x 18

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