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Tracks orders, backorders and shipping history on-line! No need to go the file cabinet ever again!

  • Prints work orders and commits inventory in one step.

  • Supports recurring orders.

  • Creates backorders by partially invoicing an order.

  • Prints shipping labels for original orders.

  • Supports maintenance of orders until they are invoiced.

  • Allows selection and "unselection" of orders for invoicing.

  • Optionally prints your company's name, address and phone number on order forms and invoices.

  • Allows deposits for original orders.

  • Converts all or part of a deposit to a payment each time you practically invoice an order.

  • Adds a new customer during order entry -- on the fly.

  • Prints Order Profiles by customer and/or item.

  • Prints an Open Order Report by customer.

  • Prints an Open Item Commitment Report by item.

  • Prints an Order Audit Report for each order entry session.

  • Prints a Bill of Lading.

  • Allows the preview of a customer's aging during order entry.

  • Prints an Open Order Report with a "request date" range.

  • Maintains a shipment history (orders and invoices) for as long as you desire (until you decide to purge shipments).

  • Searches orders on invoices by customer name, purchase order number, order number or date, invoice number or date, or by salesman.

  • Displays or prints line item detail for all orders whether they have been invoiced or still remain open.

  • Allows cloning of orders.

  • Reprints Invoices from order history.