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Payroll may be used as a standard check printing application or after-the-fact!

  • Automatically computes withholdings (Federal, State, Local, FICA, SDI).

  • Accumulates group totals for Workman's Compensation, Pension plan data, tips reported, and IRC 125 deduction, with cash or accrual method of accounting for posting to G/L.

  • Computes and prints the FICA, Federal Withholding, and state deposit checks.

  • Allows entry of variable time cards (total hours or in/out times).

  • Allows override (option) of Federal and State withholdings.

  • Tracks miscellaneous taxable and non-taxable payments, commissions, bonuses, non-FICA wages, miscellaneous deductions (pretax, special, tracked) with variable frequencies.

  • Automatically computes employer's contribution (FICA, SUI, FUI, CA training tax).

  • Supports posting or voiding of handwritten checks (can be used as "after-the-fact" P/R).

  • Prints Time Card Listing, Record of Compensation, Checks, Complete Journal employee data with current, quarter-to- date and year-to-date figures, Quarterly Tax Reports (941 and state), W2s, employee labels.

  • Reports payroll on Magnetic Media for SSA.

  • Prints "Comp-Card" -- individual employee check history.

  • FICA/SDI limit warnings during hand postings.

  • Automatically backs up data before final computation with easy reset option.

  • HP LaserJet (or compatible) printing of checks and tax forms (W2, DE3, 941).