Please ignore any reference to a telephone number or address for CharterHouse.  Instead, contact Tamlin Software Developers

Purchase Order Help

There are several "off the menu" utilities available for restricted functions.

To execute one of these, enter the Purchase Order System Menu with the Full Access password.  In the PLEASE ENTER YOUR SELECTION prompt at the bottom of the screen, type Z and hit ENTER.  In the resulting Enter program to run: prompt, type the name of the utility which you want to run.  If the cursor moves to the first character position, either you don't have the utility or there is a typographical error.  If you don't have the utilities, contact Support, who will send them to you for the cost of postage.

To Zap one PO, run POUTIL3 to delete the Header and then run POCLEAN to delete the Lines in that PO.

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