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Payroll Help

  1. You must follow the Check Processing menu in order (sequence)
  2. You must RESET if anthing is wrong after a COMPUTE
  3. You should, after every payroll, examine the 941 report

1) A common mistake is to go into POST / VOID HANDWRITTEN CHECKS before printing the computed checks.  If you do that and then print checks, both the computed as well as the manual ("handwritten") checks will be printed.  Had you followed the menu, your computed checks would already be printed and posted; the checks you typed would not have printed.

2) When COMPUTE is run, the CURRENT fields in the employee master file are updated, but so are the Quarter To Date, Year To Date and MISC fields.  So, if anything is wrong, you must undo this computation before doing another.  Otherwise, the next COMPUTE will also update these fields, thus duplicating this payroll.  Worse, the first update was wrong!
Undo the wrong COMPUTE by selecting UTILITIES - RESET PAYROLL DATA, fix whatever was wrong and then COMPUTE again.
Note what happens when you COMPUTE; all the payroll data files are backed up.  So everything you did up to the COMPUTE step has been saved.  RESET restores this backup.  Even if you have already printed the checks, it is not too late to fix an error.  Shred the bad check run, RESET, fix whatever is wrong and then resume with COMPUTE.
CAVEAT:  Your Accounts Payable check history is not altered by RESET, so if you have already printed and posted checks, you should go to AP and remove the bad checks there via FILE MAINTENANCE - CASH ACTIVITY.  Delete (or zero the amounts of) these paychecks.  They will be put back by the next POST in Payroll.  If you fail to do this, either the amounts will double or there will be two sets of checks when there should have been only one set.

3) Just start the REPORTING - QUARTERLY TAX REPORTS and examine the screen.  Look first at

   9. ADJ. OF FICA
This should be a small amount because it is "fractions".  If it isn't a small amount, either your checks did not post or you forgot to RESET (so your employee files contain a duplicated payroll).  Look next at
which, obviously, should be the sum of what you have paid so far this quarter.  If that is wrong, either you forgot to run the depositary check or you posted it twice.  Finally, look at
per period (across the bottom).  Confirm that you have the checks in the correct month and that the QUARTER is about the same as the line 14 above.  (You're expected to deposit what you owe...)  When you're satisfied that the information is correct, just hit <ESCape> to return to the Payroll menu; no need to print now.

4) Since tax laws change and programs must evolve to reflect these changes, you might need to know how to enter a record for, say, a 401K plan.  The <F10> function key is your friend!  Please remember that help is "context sensitive", so it matters where your cursor is when you use it.
While we're on the subject of Miscellaneous records, you can't change any of the first three lines.  If you need to change one of these, you must DELETE the record and then ADD it back.

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