Please ignore any reference to a telephone number or address for CharterHouse.  Instead, contact Tamlin Software Developers
  1. Get everyone out of CharterHouse until the process completes
  2. Back up your data files
  3. Go to Master Menu
  4. Be sure you have selected the correct company for processing
  5. Hold <Ctrl> and type <U>
  6. <Down Arrow> to line 10. Reindex file(s) and hit <Enter>
  7. Type the name of the file to be reindexed and hit <Enter> (See RULES below)
  8. Press <Enter> again to begin the reindex process
  9. A screen displaying the PASS number and the record counts for that pass appears; wait
  10. A screen displaying the file name, recs in header and recs recovered appears
  11. Confirm that recs in header is exactly equal to recs recovered
  12. If there is a difference, you might want to print screen. Regardless, keep the information!
  13. Hit <F10>
  14. Hit <Esc>
Syntax:  FILENAME.EXT  Type the period ("dot")!  DOS filenames are in an "eight dot three" format.
Multiple files may be specified; separate each filename with a space.
Wild cards (<*> and <?>) are allowed.
DOS converts filenames to upper-case, so case does not matter.
The file will normally be specified in an error message as (example) C:DEMO\REVDIST.AR; type only the REVDIST.AR portion.

See also chkcsam.

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