Please ignore any reference to a telephone number or address for CharterHouse.  Instead, contact Tamlin Software Developers

Windows Millennium Edition ("Win Me") and Windows 2000 Professional require that you put

into the StartUp group.

Please check out the information regarding Windows Servers and CharterHouse on a Windows Computer

Just create a shortcut on the desktop.  We use C:\CHARTER and CHARTER.BAT as examples.  Substitute the correct drive, path and batch filename - or use the BROWSE button - so that your new shortcut runs the correct batch file on the correct drive!  You may wish to click here to view the entire text of the installation instructions and then come back to this screen (use your BACK button).

MNAME is the name of your computer; it can be almost anything you like, but it must be:

  1. unique
  2. from 3 to 8 letters and / or numbers (no punctuation, spaces, Etc.!)
  3. capitalized.
The first time you run CharterHouse, you must, from Master Menu, select <F2> #<5>, the COMPUTER DEFINITION.  Verify that the MNAME that you entered into the shortcut appears to the right of "COMPUTER:" in the upper left corner of this screen.  Set the NETWORK DEVICE MAP so that all nine entries are the correct drive letter.  For example, if your data files are on drive F, set all these to F.  While you're here, we recommend that you set the MONTIOR TYPE to 00 (zero) and set up the color scheme you prefer.  Press <F1> then <ESC> back to Master Menu.  Select <F2> #<2> and then use the <F9> key.  Note any company ID / name combinations that you no longer use.  Select the company for processing.

ASIDE:  We recommend that you delete any company ID (use <F2> #<3>) that you do not currently process.

If you see the message WHEN PROPER DISK IS MOUNTED IN DRIVE DriveLetter, then you must select Master Menu <F2> #<3>.  Type <C> and enter the company ID.  Set all of the FILE LOCATIONS at the bottom of this screen to 1 (one), then <F1> save your changes.

Backup and Restore for Windows NT, 2000 and XP are here.
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