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How to get Windows to run PKZIP
Facts you need to know:
  1. All recent versions of Windows - including NT, 2000, 2003 and XP - trash the command line sent to PKZIP.  This causes PKZIP to display a help menu (because the command line syntax is incorrect, and PKZIP wants to help you to get it right).
  2. We must use the Master Menu's SPECIAL MENU to run PKZIP
  3. We have tested this for backups to floppy disk only; you're on your own if you wish to back up to other media
  4. Windows no longer recognizes backups made using the Win9x or WinME backup program, so those backups cannot be restored
  5. Versions of PKZIP newer than 2.04g cannot be used because they ignore the configuration file required by this solution
CharterHouse Zip Backup Information:
Start by downloading the necessary file.  Save it to an empty, formatted floppy diskette.   PKZIP's configuration file and the PKZIP 2.04g executable
Start CharterHouse and install the disk you just downloaded using Master Menu <F2 #10>.
In the Master Menu, select <F4> - the SPECIAL MENU function key.  Do SPECIAL MENU MAINTENANCE and ADD a MENU ID of 1 (one).
In the MENU DISPLAY, put text that describes what you are doing.  Mine says "PKZIP backup DEMO company".
Enter 1 (one) into the TYPE field.
Enter PAUSE Insert backup diskette #1 into drive A: and  into the LINE 1: field.
In the following line we create the backup.  Please review the CHARTERHOUSE ZIP BACKUP INFORMATION above; it will help you understand the following instruction.
Enter  d:path\PKZIP -w A:CHcoid d:coid\*.*  into the LINE 2: field.
NOTE: The W is (and must be) lower case!
NOTE: The d stands for the drive letter of your data disk.
NOTE: coid stands for your Company ID.
My line says this:
Enter PAUSE Review the results and  into the LINE 3: field.

If you wish to test your backup (recommended), you add these 2 lines:
d:path\PKUNZIP -t A:CHcoid
PAUSE Review the results and
My line says this:
Hit <F1> to record this entry.  If you have more than one company, you should repeat the above process for each of them.  I hope you have fewer than ten companies.
Test by executing <F4 #1> at least twice, using the same diskettes each time, but in different order.
Q How do I restore?
A Run Master Menu <F2 #9>.

Q What if I have more than 9 companies?
A Buy a tape drive, or an Iomega Zip drive, or a Castlewood ORB drive and use the software that comes with that hardware for both Backup and Restore. You cannot use the CharterHouse menus in such a situation.

You can also rotate two to five removable USB "thumb" drives and

  CD \
  XCOPY /C /D /S /Y F:\CHARTER\*.*
You can even run from the USB drive, but because these drives have a limited number of writes, we recommend not adding any data.
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