Please ignore any reference to a telephone number or address for CharterHouse.  Instead, contact Tamlin Software Developers

Windows "server" Help

Windows Millennium Edition ("Win Me") and Windows 2000 Professional require that you put

into the StartUp group.

Use a Win98 "server"; do not let anyone run CharterHouse on this machine - make it a "host" not a workstation.  This is because the host machine gets preferential treatment (because the files are on it's hard drive) which 1) can prevent database locking and 2) always does slow down the other users.

Use either Win95, '98 or Win Me workstations.  These have no CharterHouse files at all, they run CHARTER.BAT on the host.  Our Sales department will try to sell you a "Windows Integration Kit", but so long as the workstations do not run more than one instance of CharterHouse, it isn't needed.  Its purpose is to allow 2 open instances and we discourage that except when the server is NetWare.

When you "share" the host's files, share the whole C drive, not the CHARTER directory.  CharterHouse wants to see (example) E:\CHARTER and E:\CHARTER\DEMO - otherwise Bad Things Happen.  Access must be "full" - read, write, delete, Etc.; in other words, each user must have the same priviledges as if the files were on his own C drive.

Each workstation must have a unique "machine name" to run CharterHouse.  Create a shortcut on the desktop that executes the (remote) CHARTER.BAT file and pass a unique name of three to 8 characters in upper case.  For example, my shortcut says

and 1GYPSY is my unique username.  Punctuation is illegal; numbers and letters only.  Note the space between "T" and "1". The only changes from a default shortcut are that CLOSE ON EXIT must be set and ALLOW SCREEN SAVER should not be set.  I like FULL SCREEN mode but it is not required.

The server will have to be rebooted at least once a week.  Once in a while the workstations will have to MAP NETWORK DRIVE because Win9x "loses" the mappings for no good reason.  Printers should be on each workstation, but can be shared if you CAPTURE such that our DOS program "sees" LPT# (not the UNC "\\SERVER\PRINTER") where LPT# is port one through three (LPT1: or LPT2: Etc.).  The properties of the printer should have MS-DOS SPOOLING disabled (PORT SETTINGS button) but otherwise are default.

FAT32?  Sure.  (NTFS works too.)

Network configuration?  Employ the "KISS" Principle: Use "Client for Microsoft" with the IPX protocol.

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